NJ Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax, also referred to as the death duty, is the set of taxes which has to be paid by the heir on inheriting the estate of a deceased person. This tax is calculated after taking the total value of

Tangible personal property: plan well to avoid family disagreements

People who provide for their beneficiaries in their estate planning documents generally do a good job with their financial assets but are oftentimes remiss in providing detailed instructions regarding their tangible personal property (ie. household furnishings, jewelry, collections etc…). This

New Jersey inheritance tax

If you live in New Jersey, then you’re lucky enough to live in one of the two states that collects both a separate state inheritance tax and estate tax (the other is Maryland). Currently the following rules apply with regard

Asset Protection for Physicians

Where physicians are most likely to lose wealth is through bad marriages, bad investments, bad tax planning, or a combination thereof.