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Foreign Asset Planning

It is not unlawful to have foreign bank accounts. However, U.S. taxpayers must disclose the existence of such accounts, and report any income derived from them to the Internal Revenue Service.


Wills Trusts And Estate Planing

Our law firm provides highly-personalized, responsive service to estate planning clients as we counsel them at all the critical stages of their lives.


Estate Administration

The death of a loved one may be difficult enough to endure without having to worry about the ensuing estate matters.


Our Latest Blog Posts

New Jersey Department of Revenue publishes “Manual of Audit Procedures”

On March 7th, the New Jersey Department of Revenue released its “Manual of Audit Procedures” to the public, which is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the procedures and guidelines available to it for completing all types of audits, as well as general guidance for both audit staff and taxpayers.  The manual, which was requested numerous times over the years

2016 US Dept of Justice (DOJ) Tax Division: FBAR penalty collection cases

The US Dept of Justice (DOJ) Tax Division  recently published it annual summary highlights of civil tax matters. The publication is linked here (Updated through December 16, 2016), and contains brief summaries DOJ Tax activity (decisions, court filings, etc.). Last year it appears that the government enforced collection of FBAR penalties has substantially increased.

IRS Announces new OVDP Declines-Withdrawals Campaign

Earlier this month, the IRS' Large Business and International division released its list of 13 focus areas for issue- based examinations and concerns for compliance.   One of those areas involves the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.  Entitled, “OVDP Declines-Withdrawals Campaign,” this area of focus involves taxpayers who have applied for the offshore voluntary

Avoiding and Defining Willfulness

U.S. taxpayers with unreported foreign accounts or assets are in a challenging position. The IRS has repeatedly announced that it is devoting resources to finding and penalizing taxpayers who do not disclose such offshore accounts and assets. In addition, many U.S. taxpayers, both domestic and international, are facing pressure from foreign banks to disclose their U.S.