New Jersey Attorneys – Patel Law Offices

With two decades of experience, knowledge and integrity, our respected law firm provides legal services to a diverse group of clients consisting of small and medium sized corporations, entrepreneurs, and consumers.

Our New Jersey firm prides itself in serving clients with the highest level of legal skill, creativity and integrity. We are dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective legal services. We possess a high level of knowledge and experience in a broad range of practice areas including:

Wills Trusts and Estate Planning, Tax Law Services, Voluntary Disclosure of Foreign Accounts, Business Transactions and Corporate Law, Estate Administration, Employee Benefits law.

Our law firm shares a common vision and commitment to our clients and our community. As a result, we are well respected by judges and other attorneys while also successfully advocating and protecting the interests and claims of our clients. Our dedicated law firm based in New Jersey is highly trained and shares a strong belief that it is its responsibility to work with clients and opposing counsels to create the best possible resolution to any legal problem. Patel Law Offices has the highest levels of integrity and responsibility, and seeks to redefine the standards of honor and professionalism in the legal community. We look forward to serving your legal needs.

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