The Taxpaper Roadmap (seriously?)

The Taxpaper Roadmap was recently created by The Taxpayer Advocate Service, an independent organization within the IRS. This map illustrates, at a very high level, the stages of a taxpayer’s journey, from getting answers to tax law questions, all the way through audits, appeals, collection, and litigation. It shows the complexity of tax administration, with its connections and overlaps and repetitions between stages.

You can view it online or, if you want your very own 18″ x 18″ poster that’s suitable for framing, call 800-829-3676 and request Publication 5341. 

U.S. tax law is entirely too complex and incomprehensible for the average person. “The Taxpayer Roadmap” purports to illustrate “at a very high level, the stages of a taxpayer’s journey…” As you can see from the map’s numerous twists and turns, the road to IRS compliance is not easy to navigate, even for a tax lawyer. The colorful map looks more like the NYC subway map, which is likely easier to understand (and navigate).

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