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Answers to Common Questions for IRS CP3219N Notice of Deficiency (90-day letter)

What you need to do If you want to challenge the deficiency determination, file a petition with the Tax Court. File your tax return immediately (no later than 90 days from the date of the CP3219N), or accept our proposed

IRS issues new information document request (IDR) directives

The IRS’ Large Business & International division has issued a series of directives that streamline its information document request (IDR) process by establishing stricter deadlines and requiring the agency to issue highly specific information requests. A copy of the IRS’


In a tax audit situations, the IRS only has a 3 year statute of limitations to assess additional taxes. If the IRS takes too long to initiate an audit, or the audit drags on too long, the taxpayer may lose

Audit Beware: IRS’ Global High Wealth Industry Group

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discussed the new IRS’ Global High Wealth Industry Group. Over 1 year ago we warned readers of the new group when Commissioner Shulman announced its formation in an address to the American

Post IRS Audit Strategic Options: The IRS’ 30 Day Letter

If, after conducting the audit, a taxpayer and revenue agent cannot come to an agreement, the agent will prepare and submit to the taxpayer a preliminary notice of deficiency, or “30-day letter.” The 30-day letter is a form letter that sets