Asset Protection – Don’t Do It Yourself

Jonathan Alper in the Florida Asset Protection Blog has a great post on how standard off the shelf LLC and estate planning forms by non-experts will generally not protect your assets from lawsuits.

A well-conceived asset protection plan can fail because attorneys use standard, off-the-shelf business forms to create legal entities to hold the debtor’s assets. Case in point is a case I worked on with a creditor’s attorney to penetrate a very complex asset protection plan involving domestic limited liability companies whose membership interests were owned by domestic trusts. The planning attorney used llc forms typically used for operating business and standard estate planning trust forms.

Standard LLC forms and estate planning forms are designed to provide current income to the llc owners and trust beneficiaries. These typical forms often provide for mandatory distributions of all current income. In this instance, we convinced the trial judge to compel the llc manager and trustee of the trust to follow the terms of their documents and make current income distributions to the debtor and his family. We were then able to seize the llc required distributions with charging liens and garnishment proceedings.

Asset protection planning is customized. Each and every document must be carefully and intelligently drafted to maximize protection Many clients want legal work and documents to be simple and inexpensive. That approach often works in simple business arrangements; it usually does not provided effective asset protection.

Before you make a mistake that may cost you everything, consult an attorney well versed in asset protection.

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