Expect new aggressive IRS targeted enforcement next year.

For years, the government has known about the widening tax gap, which reports uncollected taxes among US taxpayers. However, typically, the government does not do much to address the increasing loss of tax revenue. It appears that is about to

The big question on a tax increases is not “if” but “when”

We expect taxes to increase. The big question however is when the increase(s) will take effect. Although it is politically unpopular and unfair to change tax laws after people rely on them in making transactions through the year, legally (and

The Dreaded IRS Letter 6185: “We received information that you have a foreign account”

Many of our clients have recently received IRS Letter 6185, which begins with “Why we’re writing to you: We received information that you held an interest in one or more foreign financial accounts, foreign entities, or foreign financial assets.” This

Increased IRS Enforcement Expected Against High-Income Taxpayers

The US Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), in two recent reports, said that the IRS collected more tax revenue in 2019 than in any other previous year but, at the same time, overlooked high-income delinquent taxpayers and so