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HSBC officially provides information on clients having accounts in India to the US Department of Justice and IRS

HSBC this week publicly announced that it has provided available information in its possession to the US authorities probing whether any US-based client used accounts in HSBC India to evade federal income taxes. In April 2011, HSBC Bank USA received

Six Estate Planning Myths

The most time-consuming aspect of estate planning is educating clients and dispelling common misconceptions that most people have regarding Wills, Trusts, Estate Taxes and Probate. Over the years, we have identified six recurring misconceptions which many of our clients carry

NJ Tax Waiver Shortcut

New Jersey provides its taxpayers the opportunity to pay two “Death Taxes”: the New Jersey Inheritance Tax and the New Jersey Estate Transfer Tax. These taxes are transfer taxes (not income taxes, sales taxes or use taxes). They represent a

Top 7 Costly Estate Planning Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

1. Where There Is A “Will” Is There Is A Way? The biggest mistake is the failure to plan, having the wrong plan or even having an outdated plan. Everyone can benefit from a will or some other form of