IRS announces two new intriguing targeted enforcement campaigns

Every so often the Internal Revenue Service announces a new “campaign” to increase tax compliance. A campaign usually means additional IRS focus and resources are allocated to the areas where the IRS is trying to improve compliance. The IRS recently

President Trump Revamps the IRS through his 2019 Taxpayer First Act

President Trump recently signed the Taxpayer First Act (TFA) of 2019, which for the first time in decades, will dramatically restructure, modernize and (hopefully) improve the Internal Revenue Service. There are several ways the new taxpayer-friendly law will reform the

Start or review an “Accountable Plan”

Accountable Plans, established under IRS Reg. Section 1.62-2(c)(4), are important tools to help a business optimally classify expenses paid to employees without fear of the payments being treated as taxable compensation. The 2017 law known as the Tax Cuts and